Team Evolution

Team Evolution

Creating an environment where life skills can be learnt through athletic lessons.

The Team Evolution training set-up is designed for athletes looking to work within a professional structure that is dedicated to their development both on and off the slopes. Team Evolution provides successful and progressive alpine training opportunities for committed young trainees looking to pursue their athletic and educational goals, “In Pursuit of Excellence.”

In an environment based around hard work and commitment, which enables trainees to learn life lessons by risking failure and learning from success, the training opportunities provided by the Team Evolution programmes are athlete development centered at all time.

All Team Evolution programmes follow the same planning process, in order to allow us to help each individual develop.

Performance Focused

Each Team Evolution programme is individually designed to allow each student to get the most out of their allotted training time and give them the greatest chance of success. Each decision made in the execution of the programme is based around long term athlete development, and this core philosophy is evident in everything we do.

Educationally Focused

The Team Evolution programme is not about choosing between educational or athletic commitments, but instead combining both to apply the lessons learnt in each to help develop better student athletes.

Teamwork Orientated

Team Evolution staff, students and families work together throughout the year to create opportunities for individual athletes and the programme as a whole, with clear communication key in producing an environment that allows individuals to get the most out of their time with us. Life lessons are learnt from working as a team, whilst still maintaining a sense of individuality.

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