Team Evolution

Educational Programme

Creating a programme that complements, instead of compromising, a student athletes educational development is a cornerstone of the Team Evolution Educational Programme.

The Team Evolution Educational Programme is based on the individual schooling requirements of each individual athlete, but the goals and objectives of the faculty are towards a greater vision, stretching beyond time spent as a school or university student and into the individuals outlook and understanding in life. We endeavour to encourage confidence in each student; to ask questions and to have the passion to pursue further learning.

The Educational Programme at Team Evolution strives to build a commitment to further each students learning process. As such, the Team Evolution Educational Programme has three key goals:


The aims of the Team Evolution Educational Programme run parallel to those of the Athletic Programme. Without a clear understanding of how to learn, you will not progress fully as an athlete. The foundation provided by the Team Evolution tutors is crucial to the platform of hardwork, dedication and commitment, and the continued strive for excellence, that is expected from all Team Evolution student athletes.

The Team Evolution Educational Programme runs in constant communication with each students UK based educational facilities. Staff provide educational reports for each training block, follow the work set by each athletes UK School as a priority, and by utilising small class sizes and private tutorial sessions, deliver on the three key goals.

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