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Spaces for new athletes on the Team Evolution programme are limited and reviewed on a yearly basis.

Team Evolution accepts U14, U16, U18 & U21 student-athletes to the programme on a full-time, yearly basis, with the programme running from May – April. U12 student-athletes are accepted on a camp by camp basis, although priority is given to those who are committing to a longer term programme. The admissions process for all ages is highly competitive and selective, and due to the low group ratios and small classroom sizes, space in each age group and athletic programme is limited. Priority is given for existing students to progress within age groups, so places become more competitive for older athletes, where the athlete – staff ratios are also lower.

When considering new athletes to the programme, the following factors are considered;

Application Process


Please be aware that these documents are for reference. For an up-to-date version of any programme documents please contact the Programme Director.

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