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Athletic and Educational Testimonials from those who have experienced the Team Evolution programme.

“L has had a fantastic first year with Evolution. She has developed and matured both as an athlete and as a personand has been happy throughout the year. She has maintained a strong academic footing despite her absences from school in the UK, receiving her best end of year report yet. Her progress is testament to a great team of coaches, teachers and the well organised programme.

Ian Jackson, Childrens Team Athlete Parent

“As a family we have so much to thank you and the team for this season and are really appreciative of what you do for us. I’ve said it before and will say it again, that without you and the team R would not have the fabulous opportunity that he has which enables him to develop his skiing and his independence, whilst provide him with amazing life experiences.”

Childrens Team Athlete Parent

“Thank you ever so much for all that you and all the Team Evolution staff have done this season. I think everyone will agree that it has been an amazingly productive year for all involved and it is made all the more impressive that it was achieved with restrictions in place. Here’s looking forward to next season and further successes!” 

Childrens Team Athlete Parent

“Team Evolution was a great help in my life as a student athlete, providing me the time, coaching and facilities to be committed to both my sport and my studies. I do not believe there is another programme out there with the same level of expertise that can provide the same opportunities. Team Evolution supported me massively throughout my school years and the tutors provide a great environment for all us athletes to be able to work productively during the day alongside our training and racing. I am very grateful for all the programme provided, and how it has helped me develop skills of work and time management that I am able to take into later life.”

Max Baggio, British Senior Team Athlete & 2 x Overall British Champion

“I have been very impressed with the Maths work J has produced whilst away skiing this season. I must say the professionalism of the Team Evolution Tutors has been impressive and I agreed with the feedback we have received in his progress reports from Austria. I must say it is a significant improvement on last year, when J was training elsewhere. He has shown a much more mature attitude towards his schoolwork upon his return and I am very pleased with his progress to date.”

Roland Cooke, Deputy Head & Maths Teacher, Davenies School

“Team Evolution have been incredibly supportive in M’s education to date. The timely emails informing us of his commitments have enabled the School to plan and provide work when appropriate. His tutors at Team Evolution have allocated specific study times for extra work and have thoroughly covered the topics given to him which has helped increase his understanding of problem areas. M’s progress reports, which Team Evolution have provided at regular intervals, have allowed us to monitor his education at a very important time and we are confident that progress in all his subject areas has not suffered in any way whilst he has been involved with Team Evolution, and we would like to thank them for their work with us.”

Greg Heald, Roundwood Park School, Harpenden


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